Why Microsoft won’t kill the 32-bit version of Windows 9

While we’re expecting Windows 9 to bring dramatic new changes, new reports are starting to surfaced around the web speculating that Microsoft may be planning to only support 64-bit and 128-bit processor architectures, killing the 32-bit version of the operating system starting with Windows 9.

Although, indeed, we’re on a time where 64-bit hardware are dominating the market that being on hardware…

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Windows 9 Technical Preview release likely to happen in October

At Microsoft even release dates are confusing… On September 30, the software giant will hold an event to show for the first time the Windows 9 bits to enterprise. Previous rumors suggested that during this event Microsoft will be making available the “Windows Technical Preview” for download. Now it seems that the release date will actually be sometime in early October, according to Paul Thurrott,…

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Microsoft lets students use Office 365 for free, here is how to get it

Today Microsoft is announcing that is making a lot easier for students to download and use Office 365 for free. Previous Student Advantageprogram launched about a year ago let students to access Office 365 from schools that use the product. The problem with the program was that the IT department had to initiate the service and create an account for each student. Not an ideal solution for those…

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Tech Recap: Windows 9 leaks, IE12 ‘Spartan’, Office 2015, OneDrive bumps storage to 30GB

This week on tech, Microsoft announced that will be unveiling what’s coming in Windows Threshold on September 30, during press event for enterprise. But the company is opting not to stream the event live for the rest of the world.

On Windows 9 leaks, this week we learned more details on Storage Sense, discovered Wi-Fi Sense from Windows Phone 8.1 is also coming to the next version of Windows. New…

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Microsoft doubles OneDrive space from 15GB to 30GB, thanks to iOS 8 update issues

Microsoft announces that OneDrive is doubling the amount of storage for free account from 15GB to 30GB, and for old accounts from 25GB to 40GB. And all is to help Apple users to not run into storage problems when updating to iOS 8, which released early this week and a number of iPad and iPhone owners reported that the amount of free space on their devices wasn’t enough for the new installment.


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Windows 9: 8K resolution support and better high DPI scaling are coming

Windows 9: 8K resolution support and better high DPI scaling are coming to the OS

New information from recent leaked version of Windows 9 now reveals that Microsoft is improving scaling for high resolution displays. According to PCportal, there is evidence in the early version of Windows Technical Preview that shows bigger icons and other elements that has been updated to support, not only 4K, but also 8K resolution displays.

The two images revealed by the site shows the new…

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iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus get teardown by iFixit

It’s truly a phenomenon how people around the world are lining up at Apple stores to get one of the brand new iPhone 6 and its sibling iPhone 6 Plus. And today is the big day for all Apple fans and as the new totally redesign phones reaches customers many of us are asking the same question: how the iPhone 6 looks like from the inside?

This is when the guys from iFixitcome in as they are pretty…

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Leaked Windows 9 build 9841 reveals more features and changes

As the end of September approaches a new leak of Windows 9 (build 9841) surfaced onto the internet detailing more features and changes possibly coming in Windows Technical Preview.

According to a new post from Paul Thurrot, long time Microsoft watcher, the latest build is 9841. However, it’s not one hundred percent accurate if this is the exact Technical Preview for the public.


The latest…

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